Week 4: The 4C’s Approach

Posted: March 26, 2011 in Week 4
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What have social media networking done for me today.  I logged on to Facebook this morning and updated myself with what is going on with all my family and friends.  Tweeted that my daughter lost her first tooth. I had a look at Mountain Spa’s page on Facebook to see if they have any new specials going on this week.  (I am in desperate need of pampering)

So what did I gain from that?

I had the satisfaction that I am sharing my day to day activities with family and friends.  It gives me pleasure to kno they are aware of what’s going on in my life, and I managed to score a good deal on a facial 🙂

But for some businesses Facebook and Twitter is more than just a social communication tool.  Facebook and Twitter are being used as a marketing and promotion tool.  Take for instance Giapo’s ice cream shop.  Where would they have been if they did not use Facebook and Twitter?  Just another ice cream shop on the corner of some street.  No they noticed the benefits of social media networking, and they put themselves out there.  With little to no cost!  It’s all about being innovative and creative; think about what you want and how you are going to achieve it.

Refering to the report in Dominion Post, p. C6, 10 May, about possibilities to report faults about fallen trees and blocked drains online.  What a good idea, it would take out a lot of wasted time in answering phone calls, logging faults, following up on faults…. and in the end, the person who logged the fault online were the one who did the data entering correctly!  So al the council will have to do is go out do the job and sign off on the job so that the status online is updated to complete.  Pretty simple!

Have you noticed the latest business approaches in marketing through social media?  I am talking about grab one, and yazhoom.  Smart move guys!  Hope they expand the deals to smaller cities like Greymouth!  Their approach is to advertise deals, but  they can only sell them once they have enough people interested.  If you want the deal, you have to post it on your social media page in order to create more interest.  Once there is enough interest in the deal, it will becomes active.

How did they approach this marketing technic?

Simple answer they used the 4 C’s – Communication, Cooperation, Collaboration and Connection.  As simple as that! OK a lot of negotiations happened in the back ground to get this type of deals lined up but still, they kept is simple!  No frills No fuss!


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