Week 5: Communities of Practice (CoPs)

Posted: April 3, 2011 in Week 5
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Etienne Wenger describes Communities of Practice as a group of people who share a concern/passion for something they do and they learn how to do it better by interacting regularly.  (http://www.ewenger.com/theory/index.htm). 

How would you know when a community is a community of Practice?

The following characteristics will be present, and it is a combination of them that will make up a community of practice:

  • I will be a group of people who share a domain of interest
  • In pursuing their interest in their domain the members join up in activities / discussions to help each other out and to share information
  • Members of community of practice are practitioner. They develop and share resources.  (experiences, stories, tools, ways of addressing problems)

There is a lot more to CoPs but for the purpose of this assignment I am constrained to the total words for the whole assignment, and unfortunately I am on my limit!  I do feel that all the students enrolled in semester one for 157.240 are a community of practice and we share our knowledge and information on the blogs we created and also on Massey stream web site.


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