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Examples of Web 2.0 applications

 So what is the difference between Web 1.0, Web 2.0 and 3

File:Web 2.0 Map.svg I googled “Difference between Web 1.0…Web2.0” and came across this blog  It’s not a long read but more a comparison between the two, and it all comes down to Web 2.0 is an improvement on what Web 1.0 offered.  Web 1.0 offered information to the end-user, where Web 2.0 gives the end-user the opportunity to have a say and impact on what’s to offer on the web.  So Web 2.0 offers more interaction than Web 1.0.  It’s the move from just a web page to  a dynamic and sharable content and social networking.  Web 2.0 is about information sharing and collaboration.  Watch this space because we live in a evolving world where technology dictates what’s new tomorrow. 

 I understand Web 3.0 to be a third generation of Internet-based service that collectively comprise whats been refered to as “the intelligent Web”.  Web 3.0 emphasize machine-facilitated understanding of information in order to provide a more productive and intuitive user experience.  Nova Spivack defines Web 3.0 as the third decade of the Web (2010–2020) during which he suggests several major complementary technology trends will reach new levels of maturity simultaneously.

OK back to Web 2.0 – There are 3 types of collaborative tools that are particularly important

  1. Blogs – User generated web journals, offering opinions and information.  The blogs consist of text, images and hyperlinks to other blogs / web pages. My blog is set up for the sole purpose of this assignment.  So I think I will count myself as a blogger who is set up purely for personal experience and to learn what social media is all about.
  2. Mashups – Now I had no idea what Mashups were / is.  But after reading Niall Cook’s book “Enterprise 2.0” (2008) it made all sense.  Mashups are websites / other applications that integrate content from more than one source into an integrated application. this is a mashup website from WikipediaVision, it’s a world map that indicates in real-time every time someone edit/creates a Wikipedia.
  3. Wikis – Is a website that allows visitors to add, remove, edit and change content.


Allot of companies have started to warm up to the idea of having blogs, I have noticed that a number of  IT and Telecommunication companies make use of blogs.  Wonder why, if you have any sence you would hook up to it, show me an IT / Telecommunication company that struggles to sell their product.  You will have to think about that.  Blogs are easy to set up and inexpensive to run and maintain.  It’s a good way to participate in the Web 2.0 movement. 

Companies would use blogs for:

  • Announcements for events, new products / services
  • To react to criticism / praise / new ideas
  • To convey company messages
  • Creating involvement from employees, customers and public by asking questions and listening to their response
  • Closing the feedback loop

The whole Web 1.0….2.0….3.0 have so many features to it that there is just no limits.  Each application improved on the previous one, and I do agree, it’s not long before we will be asked to talk about what Web 9.0 have to offer.  We live in a World that’s lead by technology…..