Week 2: Brief History of Social Software and Social Media in the Enterprise

Posted: March 9, 2011 in Week 2
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There is a lot of information to take on board after completing week 2 course material.  

First of all what is the perfect storm?  I googled and Wikipedia described a perfect storm as a confluence of events that drastically aggravates a situation.  Is that what happened with social software?  YES!  We find ourself in an environment where almost all the technological and economical barriers to entry have been removed, it’s the voice of people who’s guiding the way.  People share information in their own voices without barriers, we connect with each other through different forms of communication. 

So in the terms of Social Software what is a ‘perfect storm’. 

  • Technological barriers that been remove
  • It’s the voice of people that are out there
  • young and old make use of social software there is no age or race limitations to social software. 

Nothing is standing in the way of social software, its Free, its easy and its making a difference!

The ‘Perfect Storm’ created by Social Software

 What type of benefit could an organisation have if they adopt to a social software:

People are talking to each other, they communicate directly with each other inside the company. Social Software can open doors that was never open, by that I mean, employees with knowledge gained by skills and experience can share what they know, that information will be available for all to access.    This will give your employees the feeling that the company are made up primarily of people, each of whom have a contribution (through thought/experience/knowledge/views/opinions) to share, and they are able to communicate just like any other person. 

Applying Social Software to business and how they will adapt to change

I think the biggest barrier to entry for Organisations is the will to adopt and the will to accept that times have changed.  It’s also the will to let go of control, control over information, and the will to share.  A lot of thought have to go in to what type of social software should be used in an organisation, how the software will fit in with the systems they currently have.  Companies should also ask the question of whether social software will add value to their organisation. 

To quote Niall Cook, “Organisations need to accept that social software is a reality in today’s always on, on demand, business and technology landscape”  The people have a desire to use it – the organisations people have a desire to use it, it can be harnessed to achieve business impact for a small investment.


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