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My shoulder to lean on

Posted: March 10, 2011 in My shoulder to lean on

First of all I am quite surprised by having a wee bit of traffic on my blog (giggle)

I am still wondering what I should blog about. I think I will start off by thanking my lovely husband for being such a great support during my studies, without his help and shoulder to lean on this would not have been easy.  He makes it all worthwhile.  I think sometimes he is also surprised by the fact that I manage to pass my papers 🙂 

This semester is by far the most challenging one I have had this far. And it is only the second week.   So much is happening in such a small amount of time.

We are in the process of relocating to Indonesia and I have enrolled myself for 3 papers this semester.  To top it all up, I am still working full-time, managing a house hold, have 3 children (age raging from 6, 4 and 2) and renovating our house.  How do I manage it all……by grace and praying every night. 

But to be honest I enjoy every moment of it.  Someone once told me that you get a lot of people who post on their CV’s that they were part of this and part of that while they were still in high school, climbed Mount Everest ten years ago and so on.  Al of which are a major achievement, but the big question is WHAT HAVE YOU DONE SINCE?

My goal in life is to continue to add something to that list.  Yes at times it feels like everything is just going to cave in on me, but I stand up, dust of the pity and go on!  You only have one opportunity of making a success of life, use it!  It’s all about what you are doing now that counts.

Next step is to set up a Twitter account.  I am quite familiar with Facebook and use it for communicating with family and friends back in South Africa.

 Let hope creating the Twitter account goes smoothly!